"Do not resist the flow, adjust your course on time" Lao Zu 

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Jos M.F. de Vries Spaans,

MBSR trainer / MBCT therapist / Community Mentalhealth Nursespecialist / Psycho-Social Therapist / Coach.  


My Practice for You

Mindfull Trainings

* Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ASS Training; for people Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASS).

* Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training; for people with burnout and stress symptoms.

* Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; for people with anxiety or mild depression symptoms. 

Mindfull Coaching

* Personal Coaching at major life events; devorce, grief and loss experiences.

*  Coaching for Burnout & Addaptation problems. For example in the event of a change of work, relocation residential environment, negotiating problems with your boss or partners. etc.

Psycho-Social Therapy

" Re-discover your personal place in life and the values you live for "

Therapy that aims to untagle and see your personal life problems and challenges. 

Determining your lifesituation now. Your direction. 

Actual (gender) identity, your roll, choices, developing and strenghten your willpower, practical-, emotional- and mental tools. 

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